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In the coming weeks and months we would like to give you an insight into the topic of building automation.

Christian Gruber CEO – Interview – Nutz GmbH News

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Building automation is probably one of the most promising technologies of the future in the field of property management and building technology. But for nutz, building automation means more: it means having your finger on the pulse of the times and generating sustainable added value for everyone involved.

Christian Gruber, CEO of Nutz GmbH, describes in an interview what building automation means to the company and the objective his is striving for with it.

Mr. Gruber, you have been successfully managing Nutz GmbH for 25 years and have been able to win over large, world-renowned corporations with your electrical engineering and security systems. How come you have added building automation to your service portfolio?

The why is quickly explained. We strive to make our customers' lives safe and comfortable. Currently, many investors and operators of properties are faced with the problem that a building consists of numerous sections. Behind each section there is a separate, often very complex control system or complicated software, which in turn makes the operation of the individual systems considerably more difficult. Operators have to deal with numerous, always completely different user interfaces and can no longer have this multitude of systems 100% under control at all times. With building automation, we combine all the different systems into one dashboard interface and thus simplify the display of important information as well as the parameterization of the systems, or more simply, technology from a single source.

The vision was thus born, but how did you implement this vision?

The construction of our new company headquarters helped us in this. Through our own project, we had the unique opportunity to install all the technologies that we naturally also offer our customers. So we immediately tackled the topic of building automation and successfully realized it. All we needed was a partner who could provide us with a manufactuer-neutral system that could control most of the technologies available on the market. We found this partner in Delta Controls, with whose systems we are very satisfied.

Over time, we also became aware of the potential that lies in the automation of office buildings. Just think of our climate and the environment! Buildings are among the biggest energy guzzlers in the world, and are therefore, also responsible for contributing to climate change.

Can you explain in more detail the added value that building automation brings in terms of climate and environmental protection?

Imagine it is 30 degrees outside, a window is opened and the cooling sail continues to cool. This is a waste of energy. The cooling sail can be switched off for the period in which the window is open. Another common problem is that people often forget to turn off the lights when they leave the office. Thanks to building automation, this problem is also a thing of the past, because fully automated control of the lighting system not only ensures optimal lighting conditions at the workplace, but also independently switches off in the event of absence. In the end, we are consequently also talking about considerable monetary savings potentials, which in turn benefit the user and tenant. We minimize the energy consumption of buildings considerably by intelligently linking the various technical systems. Thus, with building automation, all parties involved win, first and foremost our environment.

Everyone can do something against the advancing climate change. We want to protect our planet by using our technological solutions to allow everyone to be extremely energy efficient and thus keep their ecological footprint as small as possible.