Christian Eder is COO

Nutz GmbH is growing and setting the course for a continued successful future - an interview with the recently appointed COO Chrisitan Eder.

Christian Eder  COO –  Nutz GmbH News

New task for Christian Eder

You have been a part of Nutz for 29 years, such a long period of service is no longer par for the course. What is so special about nutz for you?

There are two things in my life that are simply, very important to me. My job, which I enjoy very much, and my family and friends. Nutz GmbH is the best example of how these two priorities perfectly complement each other and the reason why I have been here for 29 years.

You started your career with an apprenticeship as an electrician and were appointed COO on 01 January 2021. An exciting career path, which I’m sure has never been boring?

Absolutely! I very much enjoy visiting and engaging with our customers. Building trusting relationships with our customers, both old and new, is extremely important. It is only when there is trust, that truly open discussions can take place. Thanks to my many years of experience, not only in sales, but also as a tradesman who installed systems on-site at the customer, I am able to optimise internal sales processes and still be actively involved in project work. In addition, what keeps my work at nutz interesting and exciting, is negotiating and winning contracts.

The step into management is another milestone in your career. How did it come about?

Nutz GmbH is growing steadily and with that growth comes new and more demanding tasks. Christian Gruber (CEO) and Thomas Wimmer (CFO) approached me with the offer as COO, to complement the management team uniting sales and operations under one umbrella in order to meet the growing demands of the market as well as our customers. And of course, to keep our order books full! By doing this, we can continue our healthy growth to safeguard our current employees’ positions and create new ones. For which, by the way, we are always on the lookout for talent.

After so many years, what has been your personal highlight?

That’s easy, our new Head Office building in Ampfing. Now we can physically, in real time, show our customers what we can do, and that is quite a lot. Many a heart beats faster when you enter our building.

What is your view of the future? What are you personally looking forward to?

I am very positive about the future – we are growing. Every month we welcome new colleagues who live the Nutz values every day. Furthermore, almost every day, we start new and exciting projects all over Germany. In particular however, I am looking forward to collaborating with my colleagues to create a strong framework to further improve processes to ensure many more successful years ahead.