Nutz GmbH supports the Munich cold bus

Since November, the Kältebus has been on the road again in Munich, providing care for the homeless during the cold season. Nutz GmbH supports the association with a donation of 5,000 Euros.

Berthold Troitsch und Christian Gruber - Spende von 5.000 Euro an den Kältebus München e.V. - Nutz GmbH

The founder of the Kältebus , Berthold Troitsch, is once again on the road with his team every day these days to provide the homeless in the state capital with home-cooked hot meals and drinks. For this purpose, he drives to his clients, as he calls them, and offers them the opportunity to warm up for the cold nights.

"It is impressive how much time and energy the Kältebus devotes to taking care of even the poorest in society. We are happy to support this commitment," said Christian Gruber, CEO at Nutz GmbH. The company is therefore donating €5,000 for food, sleeping bags and other needed supplies.

Corona has not left the homeless unscathed. Many facilities are not open as usual due to the pandemic. This makes the work of the Kältebus all the more important.