Energy Saving Tips for the Office

Everyone can do something and everyone is responsible for making our planet a little bit better.

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At home, we already make sure that not all electrical appliances are connected to electricity or take public transport to get to work. But this is not where our efforts should stop! We can also save electricity and energy in the office. Of course, it is impossible to do without PCs, laptops and tablets, but we can very well do something for the environment here. Because every little contribution counts.

Energy saving tip - switch off instead of standby

First of all, it is a widespread misconception that more electricity is consumed when the computer is started than when it is in standby. In standby mode, the computer unnecessarily remains on standby and draws power. The best thing to do is to simply turn off the PC during your lunch break or if you are going to be away for an extended period of time. The more modern computers also boot up quickly, which means there is no loss of time.