enVision Buildings – for a Building of the future

Building automation means creating an ecologically sustainable building of the future.

enVision Buildings News - Nutz GmbH

We want to help shape this future and are establishing building automation as our new mainstay in operations under the name envision Buildings.

A building automation system not only makes the workplace more comfortable, but also more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, because currently one third of the world's energy consumption is caused by buildings. enVision Buildings combines the control of all relevant building services and integrates them on one level. The entire control system is easy to manage for operators and room users and can be carried out from any control station in a network as well as remotely via the Internet. The control panel is designed to be simple and user-friendly with easy-to-understand, customizable system graphics, floor plans, and reports. This modern user interface, which monitors and controls heating, ventilation, air conditioning, access control, video surveillance and lighting, enables maximum efficiency, maximum flexibility and optimized operating costs. In addition, a modern building automation system learns independently and can thus adapt to individual needs. These intelligent linkages of HVAC systems, individual room controls, lighting and sunshade management, and access controls can achieve energy savings of up to 70 percent compared to conventionally operated systems.

enVision Buildings begins with consulting and planning, then implements the customized building automation system, and continues to be at the operator's side to support and optimize the systems with a competent team of service technicians.

On July 1, building automation with enVision Buildings goes live with the pilot project M8 - work & create in Munich. For more information about building automation and realized projects, please visit www.envisionbuildings.com.

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For further information and career opportunities, please visit www.nutz.com or www.envisionbuildings.com