One of the most innovative buildings in Germany is being built

One of the most modern and intelligent buildings in Germany is being built in the immediate vicinity of the Munich Factory District.

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The M8 - "work & create" will be equipped with enVision Buildings technology from nutz with a holistic building automation solution.

This solution creates an extremely energy-efficient and resource-saving building, for a low-CO2 emission future.

Technology meets user-friendliness

The user-friendliness of these solutions is particularly noteworthy, since in the end everything is automated. Additionally, all systems including room automation can be operated and parameterized in parallel from one panel. Furthermore, all relevant data, such as temperature, CO2 values or power consumption measurements are displayed in clear graphics. They give the user, facility management or the owner a quick overview of the overall condition of the building.

A feel-good atmosphere for all users

State-of-the-art room sensors control and regulate the indoor climate, which has been adjusted in advance to the very individual needs of the users. Likewise, the weather and sun protection adjusts during the absence of the room user so that the lighting conditions at the workplace are always perfectly matched to the daylight. For examply, regardless of the number of people in a meeting room, occupancy detection provides optimized visual and thermal comfort.

Added value through innovation for operators, tenants and investors

The networking of all primary energy systems, which are equipped with future-proof bus technologies, determines only the amount of energy actually required and provides exactly that amount. This results in a direct contribution to CO2 savings and the conservation of important natural resources. As a consequence, this also results in cost savings, as ancillary costs are reduced. As an investor, you benefit from higher rental income.

The ecological operation of the premises is left entirely to the automatic system developed for this purpose. The constant communication of the rooms interacting with the central supply systems of the building ensures energy-efficient room management. This in turn saves on valuable resources during relaxation periods and ensures a secure future for the building in times of uncertain CO2 pricing.

We are very much looking forward to a successful cooperation with IKR and the Optima Firmengruppe.

You can find more information about building automation hier.