New building in Erfurt-Kerspleben

Because the previous location has become too small and is slowing down the further development of the Erfurt branch, Nutz GmbH is rebuilding in Erfurt-Kerspleben.

Der Neubau der Nutz GmbH in Erfurt-Kerspleben - Richtfest

"As the oldest and largest branch, the Erfurt location is of great importance to our company. We are very much looking forward to the new production facility in Erfurt-Kerspleben and to an even more successful future," says CEO Christian Gruber.

 As a manufacturer and installer of electrotechnical systems, the Erfurt site of Nutz GmbH specializes, among other things, in filling station technology and specifically in H2 filling stations. 400 such filling stations are to be built across Germany by 2023 in partnership with the joint venture H2 Mobility in order to drive forward the expansion of the network. Only in this way can the hydrogen car play a decisive role in the energy transition and the transport sector.

 With the new building, the team around Branch Manager Jens Wallisch is aiming for healthy and sustainable growth. At a cost of 2.5 million Euros, the new company building is being constructed with 17 office spaces for site management, administration, project management, service and maintenance, as well as production and warehouse space for necessary materials. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and intelligent systems, the aim is to have a climate-neutral building.

 On August 02, 2021, the starting signal was given for the construction work to begin, with an anticipated completion date in spring 2022.  RSB Rudolstädter Systembau GmbH is carrying out the work, a company Nutz GmbH has collaborated with on numerous joint projects.

The first intermediate stage was celebrated on November 26, 2021, in the form of a traditional, building ceremony when the roof goes on the building. After the ceremonial speech by the construction manager, Mr. Henkel, the District Mayor of Erfurt-Kerspleben, offered his congratulations. A speech by CFO Thomas Wimmer then ushered in the small celebration under strict Corona rules. Branch Manager Jens Wallisch together with his colleauge Thomas Sahl, provided musical support for a group of drummers.

"All in all, it was a very successful celebration under strict regulations and we are happy for our Erfurt colleagues that they can move into such a beautiful and spacious new home” Christian Gruber summed up.

Neubau der Nutz GmbH in Erfurt-Kerspleben - Architektenansicht

Richtfest des Neubaus in Erfurt-Kerspleben - Gebäude - Nutz GmbH
Richtfest des Neubaus in Erfurt-Kerspleben - Richtspruch - Nutz GmbH
Richtfest des Neubaus in Erfurt-Kerspleben - Begrüßung Ortsteilbürgermeister - Nutz GmbH
Richtfest des Neubaus in Erfurt-Kerspleben - Thomas Wimmer - Nutz GmbH
Richtfest des Neubaus in Erfurt-Kerspleben - Ehrungen - Nutz GmbH
Richtfest des Neubaus in Erfurt-Kerspleben - Jens Wallisch und Thomas Sahl an der Trommel - Nutz GmbH