New Value: Sustainability

Responsible action and a future-oriented commitment in all areas find their roots in nutz’ values.

Wert Nachhaltigkeit – Nutz GmbH News

Now the seven values have been expanded to include sustainability:

"For us, sustainability means conserving our natural resources whilst being economically sensible and, at the same time, living up to our social responsibility in society."

The focus is on the following points:

  • Minimization of the CO2 footprint

  • Careful use of resources

  • Recycling of waste products

  • Social commitmentUse of technical innovations

Nutz GmbH actively assumes social and societal responsibility, supports social projects, associations, communities and schools in order to make the future more sustainable, fairer and environmentally friendly. Because a company value can be defined quickly. To live it means to constantly question and improve one's own actions as a company.