Nutz GmbH is "Blooming Company"

GmbH is the 2nd company in the whole of Bavaria to be awarded the title of "Blooming Company" by the Ministry of the Environment.

Landrat Georg Huber und Ewalt Teuber - Blühpakt Bayern - Blühender Betrieb - News - Nutz GmbH

When building the new company headquarters, it was particularly important to the management to take into account the needs of each individual employee and to construct a sustainable and ecologically valuable building. Thus, not only the employees benefit from the new company headquarters in Ampfing, but also the environment.

Thanks to modern building automation, the building is extremely energy-efficient and resource-saving, and the surrounding green spaces were planted in accordance with the requirements of the Blühpakt Bayern initiative. The minimum requirement for the flowering area is 20 percent of the open space. Nutz GmbH has designed almost 40 percent of the company's open spaces as near-natural flowering areas and native flower seed allow chamomile, poppies, cornflowers and much more to grow and blossom. These flowering areas remain unmown over the winter and thus serve as reproduction and overwintering sites for insects. In addition, chemical pesticides and the use of substrates containing peat are not used in the design and maintenance of the open spaces. Nutz GmbH was honored on May 18 for its commitment to protecting biodiversity. The certificate was presented by Mühldorf District Commissioner Georg Huber to the project manager of the new building Ewald Teuber at Nutz GmbH’s new opening ceremony. The Blühpakt Bayern is an initiative of the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection. In receiving the award, Nutz GmbH undertakes to comply with the criteria laid down for its purpose.

The outdoor facilities not only provide a home for insects, but also for the four bee colonies of the CEO Christian Gruber. They, too, contribute to protecting our nature and biodiversity. In addition, there are the first inhabitants such as lizards sunning themselves on the stones. Employees can take a walk through the grounds to observe the hustle and bustle of the bees and the lizards, enjoy the blooming landscape and recharge their batteries.


Since 1978, Nutz GmbH has stood as a specialist installer for solutions in the field of electrical, security, data and media technology at the highest qualitative and technical level. Today, the company has eight locations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland with a total of 272 employees. Nutz GmbH supplies technology from a single source and implements requirements precisely for large, private customers, international companies and banks. These customers gain a full-service partner that offers quality at the highest level throughout Europe.