The Nutz GmbH expands!

In January 2019, Nutz GmbH moved from Aschau am Inn to Ampfing into its new company building with around 180 employees.

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The semi-open offices are comfortably equipped and the warehouse now offers the space needed to optimally store and prepare materials for the individual projects of the site managers. Furthermore, a temporary waste disposal station is also included. At the moment, this consists of four containers standing outside.

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This will soon come to an end! Nutz GmbH is building a modern waste disposal hall, which will optimize the work processes and ensure expedient and well-coordinated waste disposal for the warehouse personnel. The entire design is identical to that of the company building and, of course, this hall is also designed with sustainability in mind. Once completed, it will be on a par with the main building in terms of climate neutrality.

Construction of the hall will start in mid-June 2020. It will be completed by the end of October 2020 - just in time for the start of the cold and rainy season. Then neither containers nor colleagues will be left out in the rain.

We are looking forward to this and would like to thank all those involved in the planning and construction of the waste disposal hall.

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