Nutz GmbH opens Base in Rosenheim

The year 2020 represented the most successful year in the history of Nutz GmbH. In order to do justice to this growth, we have laid the groundwork for a successful future in good time. One step towards this goal was the opening of a new branch in Rosenheim on July 30, 2021.

In addition to the headquarters in Ampfing and the existing locations in Erfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Cologne - plus the subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Switzerland - Rosenheim will consolidate the company's strong position in southern Germany.

When joining Nutz GmbH, Thomas Petri from formally Rosenheim's network service RNS, was keen to retain his entire workforce:

"It was important to me that all my staff were taken on. In very uncomplicated talks, we agreed on a takeover agreement where everyone everyone will benefit, and we are looking forward to the future together."

We say, welcome to #teamnutz!