nutz is heading for an emission-free future

We are very pleased to welcome the first hydrogen-powered car to our fleet.

Wasserstoffauto - Wasserstofftankstelle Installation - Nutz GmbH

It was a great day when Autohaus Gitter handed over the Toyota Mirai to us. The tank is filled with hydrogen - H2 - and what comes out at the end is not CO2 but water. The energy needed to produce hydrogen can be generated by various processes. Energy production from wind energy is already being planned and implemented in Brunsbüttel, right next to our H2 filling station. This technology works and protects our environment. A big and important step into an emission-free future.

We are not only specialist installers for electrical engineering, security technology and building automation, but we also set up hydrogen filling stations throughout Germany with the know-how of our branch in Erfurt.