Security systems - an important protection for property and life

In this day and age, many crimes can be prevented through the use of modern security technologies.

Sicherheitssysteme – Nutz GmbH News

The installation of video cameras or intercom systems, intimidate the suspected offender, reducing the likelihood of being robbed or even injured. In the event of a break-in, special security doors can also keep the perpetrators inside the home until the police arrive. In addition, security systems can detect danger at an early stage and automatically alert the police, and in the event of an assault, the exact course of events can be reconstructed.

But not only the protection of your building is important, also the security of your data in the network plays a major role. For this, there are special rules that should be followed: Always use a secure password for your accounts. The password should contain at least twelve characters that are different from each other. Create regular backups, which will protect your data from Trojans. Through this backup, your important data will not be lost, for example, in the event of a network crash.


Authors: Jasmin Hochwimmer and Johanna Sturm, interns at Nutz GmbH