Soldering Workshop for students at nutz GmbH

For several months now, intensive preparations have been underway at the Waldkraiburg High School for a new, attractive working group for students who are enthusiastic about technology, the "Copter Technology Group".

Copter-Technik-AG - News  - Nutz GmbH

In addition to the school's Further Development association and the Zeidler Research Foundation Waldkraiburg, the following companies from the region have been enlisted for support: Nutz GmbH, MD Elektronik, Dickow Pumpen, Morgan Advanced Materials Haldenwanger GmbH and Fliegl Agrartechnik.

In the new school year, the new Copter technology group will focus on building and flying copters. These flying machines, also known as quadrocopters, are small aircraft powered by four rotors. The fascination of flying should be the motivation for the participating students to intensively engage with technically complex issues and to develop their own skills in assembling the models. In order to be individually prepared for this challenge, two soldering workshops have already taken place in cooperation with Nutz GmbH.

In the first of these workshops, a group of 12 students visited Nutz in Ampfing. After an interesting tour of the company, during which the modern building technology and the main tasks and services of the company, e.g. in the field of security management systems, were clearly explained to the participants, the first soldering experiments were carried out in the training workshop. At the second workshop, which was held at the school under the expert guidance of Marco Ruttar (Nutz GmbH), more students were introduced to the special features of soldering, so that more than 20 students already meet the entry requirements for the Copter Technology group.

„Mit dieser Copter AG entsteht an der Schule ein sehr interessantes Projekt, das technisches Verständnis schult, damit die "With this Copter AG, a very interesting project is being created at the school that trains technical understanding, thus strengthening the STEM subjects and ultimately also giving the pupils an understanding of the diverse career opportunities in this field," says the Principal Helmut Wittmann.