Das Management – Die Gesichter der Nutz GmbH

Firmengebäude Ampfing Nutz GmbH

Our Management

To deliver the perfect result to our customers, it is necessary for us at nutz to be able to react quickly and efficiently to new and different market requirements in a cost-effective, ecological and sustainable manner. At the same time offering customized solutions in all areas of electrical, data and security technology.

The management of our owner-operated company, comprising of Christian Gruber (CEO), Thomas Wimmer (CFO) and Christian Eder (COO) as well as the division managers and branch managers, provide the basis for guaranteeing all of the above. Our regional locations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland ensure that we can offer the best work results throughout Europe with the best service directly on site.

Christian Gruber CEO - Nutz GmbH

Christian Gruber

Thomas Wimmer CFO - Nutz GmbH

Thomas Wimmer

Christian Eder COO - Nutz GmbH

Christian Eder


Patrick Nutz

Head of Professional Services International Accounts
Ewald Teuber - Nutz GmbH

Ewald Teuber

Head of Planning and Documentation
Josef Hochwimmer - Nutz GmbH

Josef Hochwimmer

Head of Electrical Engineering Major Projects
Michael Schmitz - Nutz GmbH

Michael Schmitz

Head of Electrical Engineering Core Business
Stephan Sponer - Nutz GmbH

Stephan Sponer

Head of Safety Technology Major Projects
Tobias Totterer - Nutz GmbH

Tobias Totterer

Head of Safety Technology Core Business
Andreas Huber - Nutz GmbH

Andreas Huber

Head of IT
Florian Hartmetz - Nutz GmbH

Florian Hartmetz

Head of Building Automation
Andreas Bauer - Nutz GmbH

Andreas Bauer

Head of Maintenance and Service