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Nutz GmbH is a constantly growing company. And growth means change, innovation and new chances. Always stay up to date! Our newsroom gives you an in-depth look at what is happening at Nutz. Get to know #teamnutz, learn more about our service areas and stay up-to-date when Nutz GmbH receives further certifications.

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Zertifizierung DIN EN ISO / IEC 27001 : 2017 - Informationssicherheits-Managementsystem | News Nutz GmbH

Our ISMS Certification according to ISO/IEC 27001 : 2017

We are now officially ISO 27001 certified. Over the past few months, we have worked intensively to optimize our information security management system and prove that it meets the requirements of the DIN EN ISO / IEC 27001 : 2017 regulations.

Nutz ohne Worte - Interview mit Dragan Bajic - Nutz GmbH

No Words Needed with Dragan Bajic

Dragan Bajic has been with Nutz since 2002; his job, to be always on the road to ensure the safety of customers.

Berthold Troitsch und Christian Gruber - Spende von 5.000 Euro an den Kältebus München e.V. - Nutz GmbH

Nutz GmbH supports the Munich cold bus

Since November, the Kältebus has been on the road again in Munich, providing care for the homeless during the cold season. Nutz GmbH supports the association with a donation of 5,000 Euros.

Imagefilm: Die Nutz GmbH - Technik aus einer Hand

Nutz GmbH presents its imagefilm

"Progress is part of human nature. It gives us support in times of rapid change, increasingly complex tasks, growing responsibility. The inner striving for improvement gives us answers to the question for what we are willing to give everything for, to overcome limits, to redefine the concept of perfection every day. For over 40 years, this pulse has united us."

Der Neubau der Nutz GmbH in Erfurt-Kerspleben - Richtfest

New building in Erfurt-Kerspleben

Because the previous location has become too small and is slowing down the further development of the Erfurt branch, Nutz GmbH is rebuilding in Erfurt-Kerspleben.

enVision Buildings: Gebäudeautomation der Firma Nutz

Your advantages with enVision Buildings

Over 40% of the world's energy consumption occurs in buildings. By using building automation, savings of 30% can be achieved in building operations. This is because continuous energy monitoring significantly increases energy efficiency and thus reduces energy costs. The profitability of your property will increase noticeably and will retain its attractiveness for years to come. With us, you can also realise the German government's commitment to climate-neutral buildings by 2045, today, without any climate-damaging greenhouse gases and without having to make any sacrifices.

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An optimal building management system is essential to add value to your building and with the right integrated building automation system, your individual requirements can be easily implemented. In cooperation with Delta Controls, we can integrate all building services. You remain flexible, because a wide variety of products and applications can be combined to create an overall solution.

You can also find more information on the individual areas of Building Automation here:

- Tasks of building automation

- Plant automation

- Management and control equipment

- Room automation

Sponsoring TSV Mühldorf Volleyball 2. Bundesliga - Nutz GmbH

Die Nutz GmbH ist Sponsor des TSV Mühldorf

Starting in the 2021/22 season, the volleyball players of TSV Mühldorf will play in the nutzarena. Nutz GmbH is now the premium sponsor of the German National First Division team.

Marek Zahorec im Interview – Hinter den Service-Kulissen der Nutz GmbH | News

Behind the service scenes of nutz – Marek Zahorec

Our Service and Maintenance Team then steps in to support our clients after their project has been completed. In this year’s interview-series, we will give you an insight into our security systems’ Service Department.


Heimatfilm-Festival Biennale Bavaria

The Biennale Bavaria film festival took place in Mühldorf am Inn from 15 to 19 September. Nutz GmbH was there as the main sponsor.

Nutz ohne Worte - Interview mit Erhard Kleindienst - Nutz GmbH

No Words Needed with Erhard Kleindienst

Erhard Kleindienst has been a member of the Nutz family for more than 30 years. He could tell many stories - if the interview were not without words. But we were able to elicit a few details from him. Take a look for yourself.


Nutz GmbH opens Base in Rosenheim

The year 2020 represented the most successful year in the history of Nutz GmbH. In order to do justice to this growth, we have laid the groundwork for a successful future in good time. One step towards this goal was the opening of a new branch in Rosenheim on July 30, 2021.


No Words Needed with Johannes Janietz

Johannes Janietz is a dual student at #teamnutz. Next to his studies, he gets his practical training at work in Ampfing. In this interview, you can find out how he manages to juggle this and why he is so ambitious.

Einmal Leise – Titel-Bild – Janina Rötzer im Interview ohne Worte – Nutz GmbH News

No Words Needed with Janina Rötzer

Janina Rötzer is responsible for environmental and energy management at Nutz GmbH. We are happy she can join us in this edition of our series “Interview without words” and for her to share with us why the topic is so important to her.

Schnelltests Corona   –  Nutz GmbH News

Rapid Test Donation from the Mühldorf District Council Office

COVID-19 tests can be carried out either by a company’s doctor or a General Practitioner. Independent testing under medical supervision is also possible.

Einmal Leise – Titelbild – Nicole Langenfeld im Interview ohne Worte – Nutz GmbH News

No Words Needed with Nicole Langenfeld

Nicole Langenfeld was nervous when she arrived for the photo shoot. But our Partner Manager from Down Under was able to put her fear aside quickly and answered our questions about her work and her impressions of German culture.

Firmengebäude im Schnee – Wachstum – Nutz GmbH News

Nutz GmbH continues to grow

In the midst of the pandemic, Nutz records its most successful year in company history.

Christian Eder  COO –  Nutz GmbH News

Christian Eder is COO

Nutz GmbH is growing and setting the course for a continued successful future - an interview with the recently appointed COO Chrisitan Eder.

Einmal Leise – Titelbild – Patrick Nutz im Interview ohne Worte – Nutz GmbH News

No Words Needed with Patrick Nutz

In our first issue, "Without Words," Patrick faces our questions and "tells" us about his greatest strength and how he sees the future of the company.

Circuit – Kundenmagazin – Nutz GmbH News

CIRCUIT – the customer magazine by nutz

Exclusive insights behind the scenes, this year's project highlights and an outlook on the work of the future.

Thermalscreening – Nutz GmbH News


With our thermal skin surface screening, you can protect your clientele, prospective customers and employees not only actively, but also preventively.

Freundin Auszeichnung - Top-Arbeitgeber – Nutz GmbH News

The most family friendly Company– Nr.1 for Nutz GmbH

Freundin and kununu award the title of most family-friendly company

Tom Gisnapp – Gebäudeautomation enVision Buildings – Nutz GmbH News

Thomas Gisnapp on his role at enVision Buildings

Thomas Gisnapp has been part of the building automation team for a year.

Mitglied der DGNB – Nutz GmbH News

We are DGNB-Member!

Together we achieve more!

BHE-Mitglied – Nutz GmbH News

We are BHE Member!

As a long-standing and experienced planner and specialist installer of security systems, we are now also a member of the Bundesverband Sicherheitstechnik e.V. (Federal Association for Security Technology).

Photovoltaik – Nutz GmbH News Erweiterung Halle

The Nutz GmbH expands!

In January 2019, Nutz GmbH moved from Aschau am Inn to Ampfing into its new company building with around 180 employees.

ZuKo Eingangsbereich – Nutz GmbH News

Access Control System – A Product with many Facets

Access control systems are becoming more and more popular.

Wanzl Logo  – Nutz GmbH News

Wanzl – A strong partner by our side

Security systems from Wanzl - a strong partner

Nutz-Logo – Nutz GmbH News

We Are One!

Nutz Nord GmbH and Nutz GmbH become one!

Christian Gruber CEO – Interview – Nutz GmbH News

Christian Gruber about enVision Buildings

In the coming weeks and months we would like to give you an insight into the topic of building automation.

Corona  – Nutz GmbH News

Coronavirus – Preventive measures

Nutz GmbH acts strictly in accordance with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute regarding hygiene and protective measures.

Platinum Certified Integrator 2020 Honeywell – Nutz GmbH News

HIS Integrator Service Certification 2020

We are very pleased to have been awarded Platinum Partner status by our partner Honeywell for the 8th time in a row.

Sicherheitssysteme – Nutz GmbH News

Security systems - an important protection for property and life

In this day and age, many crimes can be prevented through the use of modern security technologies.

Nachhaltigkeit im Büroalltag – Nutz GmbH News

Sustainability in daily office life

Sustainable use of resources is not just something you can do in your own home; environmental protection can also be a top priority in the workplace.

Wert Nachhaltigkeit – Nutz GmbH News

New Value: Sustainability

Responsible action and a future-oriented commitment in all areas find their roots in nutz’ values.

Licht aus – Energiesparen am Arbeitsplatz – Nutz GmbH News

Energy Saving at the Workplace

We all know it, we often see it in company buildings and it has happened to us once (or twice). You have forgotten to switch off the lights in the office.

Energiespartipps fürs Büro - News - Nutz GmbH

Energy Saving Tips for the Office

Everyone can do something and everyone is responsible for making our planet a little bit better.

Klimaschutzpaket - News - Nutz GmbH

Climate protection package of the federal government

The German Grand Coalition also agreed on a package of measures to achieve the climate protection targets for 2030.

m8 - innovatives Gebäude - Projekt - News - Nutz GmbH

One of the most innovative buildings in Germany is being built

One of the most modern and intelligent buildings in Germany is being built in the immediate vicinity of the Munich Factory District.

PV-Anlage - News - Nutz GmbH

Completion of our photovoltaic system

Moving forward toward a climate-neutral building future

Wasserstoffauto - Wasserstofftankstelle Installation - Nutz GmbH

nutz is heading for an emission-free future

We are very pleased to welcome the first hydrogen-powered car to our fleet.

Landrat Georg Huber und Manfred Nutz - Nutz GmbH

Manfred Nutz honored for his life's work

At a ceremony in Guttenburg, District Commissioner Georg Huber paid tribute to entrepreneur and company founder Manfred Nutz.

EuGH-Urteil - News - Nutz GmbH

ECJ ruling on time recording

The European Court of Justice has ruled that it is sometimes no longer sufficient to document only overtime.

Azubiausflug - Nutz GmbH

Formation starts at nutz

On September 2, 11 trainees and apprentices started their training at nutz.

Karriere-Portal - News - Nutz GmbH

New Career Portal

On our new career portal you can find all the benefits of working at Nutz GmbH, from the company pension plan to the job bike.

Landrat Georg Huber und Ewalt Teuber - Blühpakt Bayern - Blühender Betrieb - News - Nutz GmbH

Nutz GmbH is "Blooming Company"

GmbH is the 2nd company in the whole of Bavaria to be awarded the title of "Blooming Company" by the Ministry of the Environment.

Sponsoring TSV Ampfing - Nutz GmbH

Sponsoring: Schweppermänner

We are proud to be the new main sponsor of the TSV Ampfing first division team (Die Schweppermänner).

enVision Buildings News - Nutz GmbH

enVision Buildings – for a Building of the future

Building automation means creating an ecologically sustainable building of the future.

Copter-Technik-AG - News  - Nutz GmbH

Soldering Workshop for students at nutz GmbH

For several months now, intensive preparations have been underway at the Waldkraiburg High School for a new, attractive working group for students who are enthusiastic about technology, the "Copter Technology Group".

Nutz GmbH - Tag der offenen Tür Bilderstrecke 1

Open Day

On 18.05.2019 the time had come, we properly celebrated our move into the new building in Ampfing