Emergency lighting systems

The right light for your safety

Light creates safety, even in an emergency. To ensure that everyone in your building can leave quickly and safely in the event of a partial or total power failure, the right emergency and safety lighting is crucial and lifesaving.  In Germany, the exact location of where the lighting is to be installed is prescribed by the building regulations of each individual federal state and by Occupational Health & Safety legislation. All employers are obliged to install such lighting in accordance with building and occupational safety laws.

In an emergency, safety lighting performs elementary functions such as illuminating escape routes, escape route signs and making it easier to find safety and fire-fighting equipment such as first-aid rooms. Anti-panic lighting is also included, because the right illumination ensures adequate visual conditions and orientation, enabling people in panic situations to reach escape routes safely. According to the standard DIN EN 1838, safety lighting itself is a component of emergency lighting.




Does a safety lighting system need to be maintained?

Safety lighting is an integral part of the electrical installation in corporate buildings and workplaces. A building’s facility manager is responsible for the building’s proper operation. An expert or a qualified person must inspect the installations regularly.

Our expert for safety lighting and our experienced project managers will be happy to advise you and provide you with all the information you need on the subject of safety lighting.

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