Hazard management system

How does a hazard management system work?

A hazard management system (GMS), or Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), is software that makes it possible to present various decentralized security systems on a single platform. Existing systems or third-party systems in the field of security technology can also be integrated into the GMS. We understand a GMS as a software solution that goes beyond the known scope and offers trade-spanning integration of the entire security, building and communication technology as well as the IT infrastructure. It enables users to have a clear overview of all unconnected security systems, to record them completely and to control occurring events from a uniform user interface.

What are the advantages of a GMS?

With our hazard management system, we simplify and optimize the security processes and significantly lessen the workload of the users - for example in the control center or at the gate. Thanks to an intelligent visualization of events and information, for example on site plans, the user can identify situations easily and efficiently and process them via customized workflows. In addition, it is possible to considerably reduce training times and to control follow-up processes automatically in case of an emergency.

Integration of safety systems into the GMS

Our hazard management system integrates and combines the following components and security systems of security technology:

-         Access control systems

-         Video surveillance systems and video analysis

-         Intruder alarm systems

-         Fire alarm systems

-         Building technology

-         Perimeter surveillance

-         Turnstile and barrier systems

-         Escape and rescue route technology

-         Information and communication technology

-         Automatic doors and doors with security or motor locks

Web access and smartphone apps, also give you instant access, at any time, and control of the control centre and all messages.

We take over the consulting, planning, project management, installation and maintenance of the hazard management system and find a customised solution for you.

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